Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Eat Think Smile Rich Cocoa

Eat Think Smile Rich Cocoa
1.4 oz / 39g

Ingredients: whole grain rolled oats, brown rice syrup, crisp rice, cocoa, soy nuts, almonds, sugar, evaporated cane juice, sunflower oil, invert sugar, glycerin, natural flavor, salt, soy lecithin

Calories: 160
Cals from fat: 40
Total Fat: 4.5g (7%)
Sat Fat: 0.5g (3%)
Sodium: 60mg (3%)
Total Carb: 26g (9%)
Fiber: 3g (12%)
Sugar: 7g
Protein: 4g (8%)

I don't have a price on this because I swiped it from my mom's cupboard while visiting last weekend. This sort of looks like a thin crisp rice treat but made with the chocolate cereal instead of the regular. it has what look like peanuts on top, but note in the ingredients no peanuts. i've never seen soy nuts before but they look like peanuts. It is disconcerting; are they just raw soybeans or are they engineered somehow? The bar is quite dry, with an almost tangy cocoa flavor. Crumbly, as bars go and the nuts are more a distraction than they are helpful. Still, not bad overall. The ingredient list is pretty healthy looking (though i don't know how you invert sugar). If I had to rate this I'd probably give it a 7 of 10 or so; it is the same size but lighter than a clif bar, the cocoa is slightly overwhelming but not bad, and the texture is dry but ok with a beverage. Good, but not great.